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I still have the framed photos of my mom and dad on their wedding day. It's one of the most cherished things I own. That day is a part of my story as much it was a part of theirs. It's something I can simply glance at and feel like I could reach out and give my dad a big hug.  Those photos keep his memory alive.  I have such a great respect for the art of photography and hold my work to a very high standard because I have a deep understanding of the importance of photos.

It's my number one priority to create a story of this chapter of your love story through beautiful bright and refined images. In order for that to happen, I have to learn about you. I have to understand what makes your story unique. This means that when I walk through the doors of your wedding venue, I won't be just another vendor. You should feel that a friend is walking in, the person that knows your story almost as well as you do. In order to honor your story, it's vital that I help you to feel as comfortable as possible to capture those genuine and joyful moments. Your images will reflect this philosophy with candid, natural posing, viscerally authentic emotion, and high-quality fine art images.

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I'm a former RN + Cosmetologist


moscow mule!

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outdoor patios

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I'm a former RN + Cosmetologist


Moscow Mule!

My favorite drink is

Outdoor patios

I can't live without



Tacos or Pizza?

a healthy mix of both

introvert or extrovert?

at the beach

my perfect day would be

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“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Little Truett, my sweet six-year-old son. He's a resilient, bright, and witty little dude who will outbuild anyone with Legos. That's a bet.

A goldendoodle and a mutt, Tellulah and Paxton are my four-legged kids. There's also Miko, the cat, who is basically a dog. 

Whether is the local animal rescue, a couple who can't afford their dream photos, or at-risk youth, I'm passionate about making a difference in people's (and pets') lives.

I couldn't imagine doing anything else! After leaving a career in nursing, I haven't looked back. 

to the podcast

If you'd rather listen than read, here is my podcast on all things weddings and more. This one is about my story and background! Check it out and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon. 


When I say I have had a camera in my hand since I was a kid. I mean it. When I was eight, I won our county fair's grand prize in photography. Throughout high school, I took classes and workshops, and began shooting professionally. In college, I continued taking college-level courses, and even joined AFROTC and sought after being an aerial photographer in the USAF (before discovering I get major motion sickness in military aircraft).

I switched over to cosmetology school and worked as a part-time product photographer for about a year, then started doing weddings!  Once I graduated cosmetology school in 2013, I moved to Lubbock to start my "grown up" life. Little did I know, that would involve even more trial and error. I switched to nursing and graduated with my RN in 2018. Then, in November 2022, I FINALLY listened to the universe and began a full-time career in photography. It had been there, patiently waiting for me, for twenty years as I grew my other skills and became a rock-solid caretaker, businesswoman, communicator, marketer, and creative.

Since then, my business has grown at an insane rate. I have been booked solid since December and am booking into 2023 currently. I live in Lubbock, TX, but I travel frequently. I'm up for just about any location you want to go, passport in hand!  

how i Ended up as a wedding photographer

Since I finally realized that my true calling was in photography, I really began thinking about how I could make an impact on my family, my community, and the people that I am privileged enough to work with. Not only do I get to live through some of these incredible benefits of doing something I absolutely love, but I can extend them to others.  Some of the most important and exciting aspects of my job as a wedding photographer are: 

1. Developing genuine and joyful connections with people.

2. Witnessing love stories so often that I feel like I'm in a Disney production studio

3. Getting to see and hear about reactions from my couples and their families when they see their images

4. Preserving cherished memories for generations

5. Setting an example for my son to live a fulfilling life, even if it means breaking some rules 

6. Giving back to my community through education, helping local animal shelters, and volunteering

7. Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, and developing relationships around the country and globe

what I Love about being A traveling wedding photographer

I've been told that I could make friends with a fence post. While that would probably put me on the crazy scale somewhere, I tend to think of it as a compliment. Most of the couples I have worked with have, in all actuality, become close friends. We've been to each other's houses, met each other's kids, and regularly meet up for coffee or drinks. I genuinely enjoy all of my couples, but to really vibe, you are:

1. Passionate about a purpose
2. Able to have a great time
3. A foodie 
4. Excited about love
5. Love animals

If we connect on even one of these points, we'll be able to develop the relationship necessary for amazing photos for you and your love. 

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