Life happens. Things that rock us to our core, things that we could have never expected, things that weren't in the plan. It's my mission to keep those things from derailing what should be an amazing day for couples on their wedding day.

I believe every couple should have dreamy photos and an amazing experience with their wedding photographer. Sadly, this isn't a possibility for many because of the high (though necessary) cost of wedding photography. Read more about why wedding photography is priced the way it is here.

As a part of my business, I've committed some of my own income to deliver an amazing photography experience to couples who may not be able to afford it otherwise. 


An entire wedding experience to serve those facing life's biggest curveballs


blue jay weddings provides low to zero cost wedding photography, coordinating, and styling to those who need it most



You've met the love of your life. Your family couldn't be more thrilled. After working two jobs and saving every penny for a ring that you will hopefully love, he pops the question. Of course you say yes! 

But then reality sets in... You've just been laid off from your job, and you're frantically applying for other positions. Your dad is in and out of the hospital for heart failure, your mom trying to keep up with the bills. His little sister just started college and his parents have middle-class jobs. How are you ever going to afford a wedding? 
You could elope! But wait, what about Grandma Jean? She would be devastated if she wasn't invited to the wedding.

You could go to the courthouse! But you'd still like to have some kind of wedding feel with maybe a bouquet and an inexpensive dress. And would still like photos and maybe a dinner afterward.  

A wedding at your church! Perfect! Except, you still need invitations, a dress, a bouquet, and hopefully a photographer. 

How much is this going to cost? Is there a chance to have any semblance of wedding without going into debt?

imagine this...



So you find a photographer who is a "family friend" who only charges $200 for the whole wedding. What a relief, right? Then she bails two weeks before the wedding and you're left with no photographer. Or, if everything goes to plan, she arrives and the photos you get back are dark, blurry, and low-quality. You can't complain, though. And while this is a great starting point for many photographers, your wedding shouldn't be the one on the line. 

Let's hit two birds with one stone: a beginner photographer second shooting with a professional and experienced photographer for little to no cost for two deserving couples each year. 

a beginner photographer second shooting with a professional and experienced photographer for little to no cost for two deserving couples each year. 

blue jay wedding

- You want your wedding day to be aesthetically beautiful
- Over 18 years old

- You make less than $50,000 per year between bride and groom
- Your parents make less than $60,000 combined (each set)
- You've had a major life event that has heavily affected your finances

who can apply

What's required

- A 500 word typed essay from bride, groom, or family member
- Valid identification (passport, drivers license) 
- Proof of employment or explanation for unemployment 
- Acknowledgement that photos may be used for marketing purposes
- An in-person meeting with Kensey Nall Photography
- Possible (minimal) cost of travel expenses and meals for photography team

getting selected for a 

 Havilah Floral by Victoria



Over the years, I have accumulated a ton of tricks to make a wedding look more expensive than it actually is. With this styling experience, I can maximize the aesthetic of a wedding with a few little touches.

What's included


Blue Jay Weddings get:

- a full styled invitation suite for detail photos
- Custom timeline build
- a bouquet 
- one styled head table 
- hairstyling and makeup for bride (bride and bride if same gender)
- 8 hours of wedding day coverage
- a wedding album
- An officiant

blue jay wedding recipients

For 2023, there will be a limit of two Blue Jay Weddings. Applicants are selected on a case-to-case basis. The deadline for 2023 wedding applications will be December 31st, 2022. Selected applicants will be notified by email and phone by January 31st, 2023.


Selection for

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blue jay wedding

Interested in being a Blue Jay Couple?


I was only eight years old when I found my love for photography. After losing my dad at age seven, photography became a critical part of my life. It served as a healthy creative outlet for me during an incredibly difficult time. Later, it served as a tool to develop my own unique perspective on life and the ability to see beauty where it may not be obvious. It helped me craft the world view I have today. The best part is that it's now my livelihood and I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to do what they love for work. 

Blue Jay Photo Academy aims to equip young people with the same creative outlet. While we focus on at-risk youth, we offer the opportunity to all ages. The support of those who are simply interested in learning more makes it possible to serve those who can't afford to start their photography journey but demonstrate that it could be life-changing. 

To learn more, click here or email me with any questions!

Blue Jay Photo Academy 


encouraging growth through photography


One of my lifelong dreams has been to open an animal rescue. There is not a single animal that gets past my heart (ok, insects do not count, but snakes do!). From felines to equines, I have a passion for our animal counterparts. I also know how much we love these babies. 

Paws for a Photo gives to animals by photographing for local animal rescues to aid in adoptions, and gives to humans by offering free photo services to those who have a pet who is near the end of their life. 

To donate or learn more, email me here.

Paws for a photo


Helping animals and their humans

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