The cost for wedding photography explained


The average couple invests 30% of their budget on a wedding photographer, depending on individual values and ideals. Here's a look at different costs for wedding photography based on what the photographer can offer. 

  • May or may not have backups in place for files
  • Limited experience under pressure
  • Inexperienced with various difficult lighting scenarios
  • May not be proficient with technical skills
  • Interpersonal skills may be limited 
  • May be inexperienced in posing and prompts
  • Possibly low-quality equipment equalling low-quality images


say "I do"

  • May have 1-3 backups in place for files
  • More adept under high-pressure 
  • Able to handle various lighting conditions 
  • Technical skills are more reliable 
  • More comfortable communicating with couples
  • Versatile posing and prompting skills 
  • Average quality of equipment and final images
  • Has 3-5 backups in place for files
  • Very comfortable under pressure 
  • Expert in both artificial and natural lighting 
  • Proficient in technical skills 
  • Very comfortable communicating with people 
  • Has large array of posing and prompts to suit individual couples 
  • Able to commit more resources to the experience provided to couples
  • High-level equipment that provides high-quality images



*average cost for wedding photography, based on 8 hours of wedding day coverage with no additional services or products

  • Usually part-time photographers with at least one other stream of income 
  • Low to median equipment and upkeep costs 
  • Zero to low cost for marketing and advertising 
  • Minimal resources for add-ons, albums, etc. 





  • May be full- or part-time photographer
  • Average equipment and upkeep costs
  • Some investment in marketing and advertising 
  • A few resources for add-ons, albums, etc. 
  • Some investment in education and training



  • Most likely full-time photographer
  • High equipment and upkeep costs
  • Substantial investment in business development
  • Many resources for add-ons, albums, etc. 
  • Substantial investment in education and training 
  • Investment in business and equipment insurance
  • May have outsourcing expenses (marketing, social media, editing, etc.)
  • May have associates or employees 
  • Premium investment in client experience 

* this is for educational purposes only. There is no exact formula for what wedding photographers charge, so this is simply an example of what I have seen in my experience.

24 days a year, I put my heart + soul into a love story.

One is yours.

Because I prioritize the experience that I provide to KN Couples, I take a limited number of weddings per year. 

Transparent pricing for a Transparent


happy planning!

I am all for transparency, especially when it comes to the pocketbook. The average KNP couple invests around 4,000 to 6,000 for their wedding photography experience, but collection investment varies from 2800 and up. This amount is heavily dependent on individual couples' needs and values since I offer flexibility in building custom collections. To get the most up-to-date and accurate collection investment information, please fill out the contact form here

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with joyful authenticity

a storytelling experience that honors your story, your love, and your values

your love story captured


  • Minimal stress
  • Trust and reliability in your photographer
  • A 5+ year digital vault for your photos
  • High-quality images 

benefits for you

With over ten years of total professional photography experience, you can trust that I've encountered just about every scenario that could occur and have learned how to handle anything with grace and confidence. 

The expertise I have collected over the years in photography, communication, business, and more ensures a smooth, reliable, and stress-free experience for you.  

Expertise + Experience

Highlights of being a knP couple

  • You'll receive a 100 page welcome guide, full of wedding planning tips, an engagement session style and location guide, information on some of the traditional versus modern wedding staples, and more. 
  • Get access to complimentary gifts and preferred rates from local businesses.
  • Get a complimentary style option kit for flatlays

benefits for you

Over the past few years, I've meticulously curated some of my favorite products and services to extend to you as a gift of appreciation. 

Not only will you receive the experience you deserve, but some extra gifts sprinkled in.  Kind of like discovering there's buttercream icing INSIDE the cake too. 

vip treatment

Highlights of being a kn couple

  • I'll recognize when you need a moment, and can shield you from the flock for a few moments during your wedding day.
  • I will take extra care of the seat your missed loved one should be in as you walk down the aisle. 
  • I welcome you into my home for cookouts and hangouts regularly with no pressure to stay long, or even come!

benefits for you

It's the honest truth when I tell you that most of my past couples have become close friends over the course of our time together for planning, engagement and bridal sessions, and their wedding day. Despite the fact that this is my job, I  am truly grateful to my couples for trusting me with this special time in their lives, and I treat it as such. 


Highlights of being a kn couple

  • I have fixed many veils and falling updos on the fly with the bobby pins and hairspray I carry in my bag at all times.
  • Lost a button on a suit? No problem, I have a sewing kit that is also in that bag. 
  • Cranky ring bearer? I have Skittles for that.

benefits for you

If you read my bio, you know that I have both an RN license and a cosmetology license. That means that I can save a life and fix your hair in a pinch! 

Luckily, I haven't had to perform compressions on anyone while working as a photographer, but I do have hairspray and bobby pins in my bag for a reason. 

the Mary Poppins bag

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Highlights of being a kn couple

wedding photography collections 

I build custom packages individualized for each couple. For a base wedding collection, you can expect a starting point of 2800. Please keep in mind that this is for the minimum collection and pricing can go up from there. 

To learn more about how wedding photographers structure pricing and a helpful way to determine a realistic budget for your wedding, read the blog or listen to the podcast!

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