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  1. Mia Evans says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that there would be a need for artificial light for indoor venues when hiring wedding photographers. With that in mind, we need to make sure that the people we are hiring have the lights needed to ensure that the outcome of the photos is great. Our venue is inside a hotel that we will book soon, and we don’t have plans to access the garden area which is why we need to have enough lighting inside.

    • Kensey Nall says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Mia! It is super important that your photographer has the proper lighting equipment for your wedding. Some things to ask about are: number of off-camera flashes used (I use two off-camera and one on-camera), type of camera they use (some cameras do a lot better in low light than others), and examples of their work in low-light situations! Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning! I’m thrilled I could help!

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