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Wedding photographer in Dallas, travel lover, mama to one sweet boy and five fur kids, and a full-fledged Gemini. 

I'm Kensey


What’s with all the honesty? I decided to make my brand more personal, more about connecting with humans than about the business of trying to be the best wedding photographer in Lubbock, Texas. I built this business on a personal level and I want to keep it that way. I take photos, and have since I was eight, because I want to tell a story, find beauty in the souls of people, and connect with people emotionally. So what better way to do that than start the conversation with my own vulnerability and quirks? I’m human, and probably a weird one, but that’s ok because we’re all weird in our own way. That’s what makes being human kickass.

Ten things about me you probably didn’t know and may or may not care to know. But if you do care, read on! I care about your ten things, so lay them on me!

1/ I’m terrified of heights. Absolutely sickened by being even 10 feet above the ground where falling is even a remote possibility. Heights in video games and movies even get me. So, if I’m your wedding photographer and you’re getting married at the Grand Canyon, I may just need like two seconds to collect myself.

2/ My swimming abilities are pretty much none. My grandma, mom, and aunt are all incredible swimmers. Me? I don’t even like my face being wet. Like, I put a towel over the shower door to dry my face off after I wash it and get emotional when someone splashes me. And my son is the same. Washing his hair is equivalent to washing a cat. Someone usually gets scratched and we both end up soaking wet. No doubt he came from me.

3/ My food dislikes consist of ham (yell at me now, I know), beets, and raw sushi like the uncooked tuna and stuff. Yuck. Nope. Never ever. I do love sushi that includes cooked stuff, but I won’t ever put a slimy piece of raw salmon in my mouth unless there’s $500,000+ on the table in front of me. Beets are just weird to me and they smell weird. Ham repulses me. I don’t know why, it just does. But I’ll eat the heck out of some bacon. It’s a mystery.

4/ I love to travel alone. When I was 18, I went to Mexico by myself for a vacation and I loved it. Yeaahh, I got into some questionable situations like walking six miles back to the resort at night and then eating a whole pizza from the back of a scooter. But, I’m still alive and made it home safely. Since then, I’ve gotten a little smarter and travel a little more safely, but still love to go by myself.

5/ I grew up riding horses and being pretty good at it. I was Miss Rodeo New Mexico Princess in 2008, won a few saddles in barrel races, and tons of buckles from horse shows. I was in 4H and FFA, and was able to graduate high school a year early because my Meat Lab class somehow was able to replace a Chemistry class. Whatever, it worked. Capitan, New Mexico was my stomping grounds for a whole four years, and then I said “Adios!” and went on about my life in college at NMSU. Then I went to cosmetology school in Albuquerque after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Theeenn, I came to Lubbock.

6/ My grandma was baptized in the little white chapel at The Arboretum in Lubbock. Her dad was an Episcopalian priest there before it was moved from 18th St and Ave X. She once crashed a wedding there and told them she had been baptized there 86 years ago. They loved her and ended up including her in family photos. Grandma gives no shits.

7/ I was an ER nurse for two years at Lubbock’s level one trauma center, UMC. I knew I wanted to be in the ER after I had an experience in school with a guy who was stabbed and walked into the ER gushing blood with two wads of cash in both his pockets. I was impressed he got away with the money and that he was still walking with that much blood loss. I saved some lives, so that’s pretty cool. I’m just much better suited to be my own boss and deal with people who aren’t dying or have a sore throat and are therefore usually polite.

8/ I really love cheese. Like I really, really love it. I tried going vegan for like, six months but failed because cheese is just a non-negotiable item for me. I have to have it and I love it in all capacities – cream cheese, bleu cheese, feta, cheesy jokes, mozzarella, goat cheese, you name it.

9/ I’m really envious of the East Coast wedding photographers. Ya’ll have some amazing venues in Richmond, Virginia and Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good West Texas wedding venue, but boy do I love that East Coast architecture! I’d probably travel for free for a wedding there. Jus sayin!

10/ I love interior decorating. I’ve done a few hired jobs, but I really just enjoy changing things up in my house (Garrott loves it) and making it super cozy. This also leads me to love cleaning and making floral arrangements. I just love being creative!

So there’s some random facts about me that are mildly entertaining, I hope. Does anyone love cheese as much as I do? If so, can we be cheese friends?



Best family photographer in Lubbock

Client Praise

- Whitney + Michael, 7.8.22

"Choosing Kensey to be our photographer for our wedding and engagement photos, was the best wedding decision we made! When planning for our wedding, we made a decision that photos were going to be our top priority since they last a lifetime and beyond.My family was blown away by how good Kensey was and kept asking me how I found her. It was definitely a blessing that I will be thankful for for a lifetime!"

"Kensey’s passion and dedication for making your wedding vision come to life is absolutely incredible."

- Kailey + Jared, 7.23.22

"Kensey was amazing from day one! I hired her to be the photographer for my daughter's engagement photos. We were so impressed that we booked her immediately for the wedding. She went above and beyond to make us happy and that is saying a lot considering we have such a big family! She went with the flow and anything we threw her direction she did with a smile on her face. She helped make my daughter's day the most perfect day and now we have the memories to prove it. Don't hesitate to book Kensey! Book her now!!"

"She went above and beyond to make us happy..."

- Kirsty + Collin, 12.3.21

My husband and I were so happy with Kensey. She is very professional, yet personable and fun! She’s invested in her couples and does everything she can to meet every need. She even had a sewing kit when my husbands button popped off of his jacket and held onto my shawl just in case I needed it during the wedding since it was a little chilly out! She is so easy to communicate with and captured so many amazing moments. We’re so happy with our photos and will cherish them for a lifetime.

"She’s invested in her couples and does everything she can to meet every need."

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