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Meet my mom!

My mom, Laura Orrell, has always been a person of faith, authenticity, abundant grace, and a pure heart, which is why we asked her to officiate our wedding. She became ordained for our wedding and realized as she was preparing that she absolutely loves the work involved. She enjoyed asking us questions about how to make the ceremony personal and using her incredible creative writing skills to create a beautiful and flowing speech. She has always worked hard to be an instrument of God’s Will, and what better way to do that?

After (finally) retiring from a long and very successful career in education, she has yearned for her next venture to show itself to her. Officiating is it! She’s excited to be working alongside her wedding photographer daughter as well as solo to officiate weddings, celebrations of life including pets, and house blessings.

She chose the name As You Like It with inspiration from the romantic comedy by Shakespeare. She feels that everyone’s experience should be unique and she is prepared to get to know you in order to personalize her service specifically for you. While she stands firmly in her Christian faith, she respects differing beliefs and rituals.

Rates begin at $300 and include one meeting with Laura, a twenty-minute personalized ceremony, and a customized book with your vows. When booking As You Like It along with Kensey Nall Photography, receive a $100 credit.

To inquire, email Laura by clicking the button below or call her at 575.937.7101. You can also include that you’re interested in Officiant services if inquiring for photography!



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