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  1. Carolyn Lackey says:

    Kensey, your words are pure and loving and masterful. You have honored Tom’s memory in the best possible way. I’m so, so sorry for your loss of a friend and loyal co-parent.
    Carolyn Lackey

  2. Melisa Roberts says:

    Beautiful! What a wonderful guy that we were all blessed to know…gone too soon but remembered forever…

  3. Rikki Bandy says:

    So beautiful. Tears. His absence is so heavy but it almost seems like he’s gonna just be everywhere all of the time. He had such a huge, comforting personality. There’s not another like him.

  4. Sasha sugg says:

    Oh Tom.
    I’ll never get meeting you for the first time in the hallways of frenship high school. We would all gather in the halls and talk.
    I think I used To call you “baby Tom” and would make you mad- but you were always so sweet and genuine.
    Such a sweet soul.
    I’ll never forget you telling me in a message about you becoming a dad and how excited you were.
    You’ll be truly missed.

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